Initiating Services

Groton Integrated Therapies goes through a comprehensive process of gathering information to help us to gain the most complete picture of our clients’ needs. Below is an outline of how to initiate occupational and/or physical therapy services with us and the subsequent clinical process.

Referral: Any parent or professional can call the clinic to initiate a referral for an evaluation or treatment. Within this initial phone call, general information is taken and a 20 to 30-minute time block is set up with the parent or adult client for a clinical intake to speak with one of our therapists over the phone.

Clinical Intake: One of our therapists will call the parent or adult client to complete an in-depth clinical phone interview. During this phone call, client concerns are discussed, and the therapist will ask specific questions about sensory and motor skills related to daily functioning. This conversation often helps parents and adult clients begin to understand how sensory processing and motor planning difficulties may be impacting daily life. The therapist will help decide if an evaluation is appropriate and which type of evaluation will best meet the client’s needs. This clinical intake is a free service.

Evaluations: Evaluations are scheduled on weekday mornings. This process typically includes a combination of standardized assessment measures in addition to structured observations of sensory and motor skills in the large treatment rooms.

Evaluation Results: About three to four weeks after the administration of the evaluation, a meeting is set up between the parents or adult client and the evaluating therapist to discuss the results. This meeting is included in the cost of the evaluation. At this time, a comprehensive written report will be provided with intervention recommendations and/or appropriate referrals to other professionals. This report will also include accommodations and strategies to foster functional performance.

Intervention: Intervention includes both direct therapy with the client as well as parent/adult client consultation. Therapy is provided one-on-one and assists the client in gaining mastery of motor skills, enjoying sensory experiences, and developing increased self-confidence. Consultation helps parents and adult clients to further understand difficulties and to incorporate strategies at home. Early on in intervention, functional goals and objectives are developed by the parents/client and the therapist in order to effectively measure progress.

We welcome the opportunity to share information with other professionals working with the child or adult client. By working together as a team throughout the process of evaluation and intervention, we can maximize the benefits of therapy for the client and the family.